Privacy Policy

What does this policy cover

Welcome to NBDesigner – Online design tool for printing product (“NBDesigner,” “we,” or “us”). Our Privacy Policy explains how we use and protect information that applies to our App, and your choices about the collection and use of your information. If you do not want your information processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy in general or any part of it, you should not use our app.

1. Information we ask for

  • We may ask for certain information when you login on NBDesigner via your Facebook account (such as your e-mail address, avatar and photos).
  • We use web browser local storage to store your used photos temporarily to quick access for later – it only works on your device. You can delete it in our design editor easily.

2. How we use your information

  • We don’t store any your information in our server.
  • Our main purpose is to allow you to use your Facebook photos in our design editor tool when design your printing product.
  • For data analytics: We use Facebook Analytics to monitor aggregate metrics such as total number of visitors and traffic.

3. Your choices about your information

  • You don’t have any required action to remove your information because we don’t store any your information in our server.
  • if you are not satisfied with our policy you can remove our app under your Facebook account settings.

4. How to contact us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or the Service, or wish to make a complaint please contact us at email: